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Your server cabinet as you need it!

We offer you a complete range of all common cabinet sizes. From 12 to 42 U, cabinet widths up to 800mm and depths up to 1,200mm. Our service for you: All free-standing cabinets are delivered fully assembled.
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Perfect for your home network: wall housing

Our range of wall cabinets includes all common height units up to 18 U, a depth of up to 600mm and a width of 600mm. Available in black and light grey. Also our service for you: We deliver all cabinets fully assembled.
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Monitorhalterung von Rockstable

Modernity thanks to the monitor mount

Find Rockstable monitor mounts here!

Find out more here
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Diverse accessories!

Customize your network cabinet with Rockstable accessories!

To the individual network cabinet
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Find here all the products of the innovative brand behind the cable organization of the future!

Docking stations from Conceptronic!

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