Network expansion and server cabinets - what you have to pay attention to

If you want to set up or expand a network, you not only need the right components such as routers, switches, cables and servers, but also suitable accommodation for these devices. Network cabinets are special cabinets that are manufactured according to an international standard (DIN 41494) and have a width of 19 inches (48.26 cm). The height of the cabinets is specified in height units (U), with one U corresponding to 44.45 mm. The depth of the cabinets can vary according to needs.

Network cabinets have several advantages: they create order and clarity in the network, they protect the devices from dust, moisture, vibration and unauthorized access, and they enable optimal cooling and ventilation of the devices. There are different types of network closets depending on your needs. For example, there are open or closed cabinets, cabinets with or without doors and side panels, cabinets with different accessories such as fans , socket strips or cable management systems .

A special type of network cabinets are server cabinets. These are specially designed for installing servers, which are usually heavier and deeper than other network devices. Server cabinets are therefore more stable and built deeper than normal network cabinets. Also, they often have special cooling and security systems to protect the servers from overheating or damage.

If you want to set up a network cabinet or a server cabinet, you should consider a few points: Select a suitable location for the cabinet that is dry, cool, level and free from electromagnetic radiation. Measure the size and weight of the equipment you plan to install in the cabinet and choose a cabinet that has the space and weight capacity. Fasten the devices to the profile rails in the cabinet with the appropriate screws or nuts. Ensure proper wiring of the devices and use cable ties or cable ducts if necessary. Provide adequate cooling and ventilation for the devices and ensure that the fans are not blocked.

Network cabinets and server cabinets are important components of a modern network. They ensure professional and secure accommodation of the network devices and facilitate maintenance and expansion of the network.
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